Black Panther – Home Entertainment Review by Mr. DAPs

The kingdom of Wakanda has been hidden from the world for a very long time. With its technological advancements, it has used them to continue to hide and improve its nation. However, this all changes when T’Challa’s father dies and leaves the kingdom to him. T’Challa finds himself not just as the king of Wakanda, but also trying to protect the world from those who would use its technological advancements for the wrong reasons. Marvel Studios’ Black Panther tells the story of how T’Challa takes on the role of Black Panther and also king.


Black Panther is a visually stunning movie. It captures the looks and feels of the various locations used and creates an environment that draws the viewer into the story. Yes, there was CGI used, but it was used very effectively. Couple this with a solid soundtrack and set of sound effects and this is just a beautiful movie to watch. There is more to be seen each time the movie is watched, and more to be heard.


There was a nice collection of extras included with Black Panther. They were enjoyable and added depth to the film-making process for the movie. I did find myself wishing there was more included though. This isn’t a complaint about what was offered, more just a yearning to learn more! This movie is so good I really want the bonus feature collection to be equally awesome. You will enjoy watching the bonus features and find yourself wishing for more if you are anything like me. Here is the collection of extras that were included with Black Panther:


  • Director’s Intro
  • From Page to Screen: A Roundtable Discussion -Delve into the film’s making
  • Crowning of a New King – Explore the world of “Black Panther” in all its color and complexity
  • The Warriors Within – Get to know Wakanda’s women and the actors who portray them
  • The Hidden Kingdom Revealed – Wakanda’s diverse people
  • Wakanda Revealed: Exploring the Technology
  • Deleted Scenes
    • N. Meet and Greet
    • Okoye And W’Kabi Discuss the Future of Wakanda
    • T’Challa Remembers His Father
    • Voices from the Past
    • Gag Reel
    • Exclusive Sneak Peek at “Ant-Man and The Wasp”
    • Marvel Studios the First Ten Years: Connecting the Universe
    • Director’s Commentary

Digital Exclusives:

o   In World Wakanda Tourism Ads

  • Come to Wakanda “Before”
  • Come to Wakanda “After”

Final Thoughts

Marvel Studios’ hit a home run with Black Panther. This is simply put an incredible movie. I have now watched it multiple times and am finding more to enjoy each viewing. The characters are fantastic, the music is great, the visuals are stunning. All around, this isn’t just a great superhero film, it’s a great film! It is incredibly easy to give this one a hat tip and encourage you to go out and get your own copy of it. You won’t regret it!

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