I Support CHOC Because I Have a CHOC Baby

Children's Hospital of Orange County

Team DAPS MAGIC is continuing to fundraise and recruit for the 28th annual CHOC Walk in the Park on August 26, 2018! This fun event has always been a great way for me to support Children’s Hospital of Orange County as a participant and donor, but this year it’s personal.

As a new mom, I had an experience with CHOC that I will forever be grateful for. When my baby was a newborn, she had some medical issues that resulted in a visit to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County Emergency Room. Although not life-threatening, her condition was enough for her to require medical attention. The staff at CHOC did an amazing job of treating her and making sure that she was ok. Within no time, she was back to normal, happy and healthy. They handled her so gently and with such care, it was as if she was a part of their own family. The doctors and nurses were also great at making sure that I was taken care of. Watching my newborn go through something like this was especially difficult for me, as it would be for any new parent. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, but the staff at CHOC assured me that everything would be ok and gave me all of the resources and information I needed to help my baby, going forward. This experience gave me such respect and gratitude for the work that Children’s Hospital of Orange County does for all of its patients and their families.

Because of this, I am so excited to support Team DAPS MAGIC with CHOC Walk in the Park as well as with the amazing ROCK4CHOC event! See you there!

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