There’s been a lot of banter about the new Pixar Pier additions to Disney California Adventure, mostly of a negative, and poorly-elocuted variety.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that change is hard, and I don’t always agree with every edit the Disney parks have made over the years (I’m looking at you, closure of Holidayland. Yes, I know it was terrible. But it had a cool name). Here’s the thing, though- I think Pixar Pier is getting a really undeserved negative run in the High Court of Disney Fans, and it’s not even open yet.

Therefore, allow me to approach the bench Amicus Curiae (Google it). Here are my qualifications:

-I’ve gone to the Disney parks more times than folks have dropped popcorn on Main Street

-I can use fancy Latin words

-This ain’t my first overlay/redesign/controversial improvement rodeo

So, before your next 280-character lambast of the new, scary, highly successful films-made-park-additions, consider the following:

We’re Not Losing Anything

Sure, there’s gonna be some shiny new paint on what’s already there, but the core of the attractions aren’t really changing that much. Even the things undergoing the most edits like the carousel and the dining/drinks options will still be available (what was it before? Inlet Bar? Cove Drink Place?). Heck, if you’re drawing your line in the sand over something as small as a Fun Wheel drink, it’s worth noting you can get that drink right now in the parks, if you know where to look (on the Terrace by Wine country Trattoria. There. I told you. But keep it between us.).

What We’re Gaining Looks Awesome

Hey guys? Pixar movies are kinda awesome. Pixar Pier is going to be full of the films’ signature humor and style. The churro cart is now a rather obscure reference to when Buzz Lightyear got switched to Spanish-speaking mode (Toy Story 3, kids!).

And the additions are putting some real fun on things we already love. The newly-christened Incredi-coaster is getting a story to go with its thrills, and fixing one of the most glaring problems with it: the line. I’m looking forward to mid-August, when the parks will become like the surface of the sun, and I can step in to a nice, cool building to wait for my upside-down-time.

Man Does Not Live On Aesthetic Alone

I didn’t realize Bioshock was a Pixar project (if you got that, thank you).

“But!” the Instagrammers call out in a horrifyingly multi-voiced chorus, “Wherever and wherefore whilst we take our pristinely-niche and overtly-nostalgic boardwalk-y photos?!?”

Well folks, this is going to affect me too. I boast an impressive over 5 likes on my most recent posts. But really, it’s not that huge of a loss. Sure, you’ll have to drive an extra 20 minutes to get to the actual beach if you want that aesthetic, but we’re about to get all-new, amazingly colorful photo opportunities.

And as lovely as the old-school beachy vibes were (really, I loved them), you gotta admit there wasn’t too much of a draw over to that corner of the park for them. Disney is a business, first and foremost, and entertaining the most amounts of people they can is just good practice. You can’t fault them for adapting.

Disney’s Got A Track Record Of Success

Speaking of adapting, remember when Mission: Breakout was the worst thing that ever happened ever? Or ElecTRONica switching to Mad T? Yeah. That was fun.

Point is, Disney is always changing things, usually with pushback, and ends up making something people would be livid to lose.

I hate to keep harping on the “Disney’s a business” angle, but really, they know what they’re doing. Not everybody is going to like everything. But the more people that like a thing, the better. The mouse has made mistakes, sure (remember when California Adventure was “Disney’s” and not “Disney”?), but they really plan ahead to impress. I believe in the mouse.


I rest my case.

Feel free to bang your own gavel at home.

Really, we are so happy to part of such an impassioned community! Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and join us Tuesday nights on #GEEKSCORNER as we discuss the latest happenings.

PIXAR PIER (ANAHEIM, Calif.) –Summer 2018 will bring a transformed land when Pixar Pier opens for guests to experience at Disney California Adventure park, featuring the new Incredicoaster inspired by Disney•Pixar’s “The Incredibles.” This artist concept illustrates the four new neighborhoods that will represent beloved Pixar stories and the newly themed attractions that will be found throughout the permanent land of Pixar Pier. (Disney•Pixar)