Highlights of WonderCon 2018 From the Show Floor to Panels

WonderCon is a great gathering of geekdom whether comic books, sci-fi, anime, or even some video games.  It’s a great time to see what’s new in these avenues and to check out something different.

Here’s some highlights from this year’s convention.

Show Floor

A main feature of any of these cons is the show floor.  There’s a variety of shop booths, artists, celebrities, and demos for people to check out.  A big merchandise feature is clothing tailored to geek tastes.  There are lots of comic related shirts, but also Star Wars, Star Trek, and other pop culture phenomenons printed.  My personal favorite was the Heroes Within booth which had outerwear with DC Comics features on them.  Other shops included Whosits and Whatsits, Pinup Girls, and a giant T-Shirt tower.

Artists and comic shops get in the action with lots of prints and collectible issues.  It’s a great place to find that rare comic or a special depiction of your favorite character.  Comic companies also sell special issues with a convention specific cover, like IDW did with some of their Disney line.

Demos of games and tech were abound, as well as make-up to get that crafted costume look.  Replicas of costumes and props were on display.  Some were some authentic masks of iconic characters, like storm troopers or the Green Ranger.  There were replica ships like Poe’s X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon.  One of my favorite booths was the replica DC heroes costumes.


Besides the show floor, panels are the big points of the con.  It’s always good to pick and choose because there is quite a bit to go to.  A few of the highlights were the Disneybounders Unite, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Sights & Sounds of Animation, CG, and VFX, HOLLYWOOD’S HEROES BEHIND THE CAMERA REVEAL THE SECRETS OF FAN FAVORITE SHOWS, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Star Trek Visionaries.

Another great thing about the panels is that they do discuss news.  I got to attend most of the DC Publishers panel where they talked about the upcoming lineup of comics, magazines and graphic novels in store for readers.  Plus Jim Lee hosted it, which for comic fans is great to see.

Ashley Eckstein hosted a workshop for jr. fashion designers.  It encouraged them to practice and their dreams could be pursued through it.  A rather fun panel…or mock trial…was about droids rights in Star Wars.


Another big component of the convention is cosplay.  People bring out their best outfits at the con.  There was a lot of Disney related costumes, but several others like Pokemon, DC super heroes, and Dragon Ball caught my attention.

WonderCon 2018 has come and gone!  But, it was certainly a memorable convention.  There was a lot to see and do and definitely takes three days for it all.  I’m definitely looking forward to next year!

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