Nichelle Nichols is best known as the iconic “Uhura” in Star Trek the Original Series and in the feature films starring the original cast.  She has a broad career that even includes singing with Duke Ellington.  She’s appeared in other television series including Heroes on NBC.

At WonderCon 2018, Ms. Nichols spent three days signing autographs and taking photos with fans.  She was a delightful person that was happy to greet guests.  Of course she was seated near a recreation of the Enterprise bridge (although from The Next Generation) and drew in fans of the shows.

She was also there to promote NOAH’s ROOM.  Here’s a statement about the project:

NOAH’s ROOM, which is currently experiencing a bidding war with a number of companies interested in green-lighting her bold hour-long tv series.

The project truly brings her full circle into the iconic role model we all respect. Her concept focuses on an African American family who takes in a White youth that has been abused by the Foster Care system, changes his life through love, redemption and forgiveness, a second chance on life.

I was able to get a very brief interview with this wonderful woman about her time on Star Trek.  She was a delight to meet and always look forward to what she is working on.

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