Disneyland Update 3/5/18 With a Last Look at King Triton’s Carousel

The Disneyland Resort is hopping with the California Food and Wine Festival happening.  A special Annual Passholder area features photo ops and a special button.

Construction continues for Pixar Pier.  At night lights are present on the sun for the sun of the former California Screamin’ and Mickey Mouse on Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

Sunday was the last day of King Triton’s Carousel.  It will go down to be rethemed for Pixar Pier.  We took one last ride on it.  It’s one of the few opening day attractions that made it to now.  Featuring sea creatures as the riding objects, it also featured boardwalks around California on the top of it.  It may be missed, but we look forward to the retheme with Pixar Pier!

That’s all for now.  We’ll be back again soon!

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