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We’re back with another dose of veggie bites at the Disneyland Resort!  This time around we are covering the ever popular Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure running now through April 12th.

DCA’s Food & Wine Festival has grown tremendously over the last few years bringing lots of new flavors and dishes for guests to enjoy.  Unfortunately in previous years, there have been few if any options for those with food allergies or veg requirements. Luckily, 2018 brought in a few new Vegan dishes and the booklet even had a section just for US alongside all the Vegetarian options!

Starting off at the front of the Festival Corridor we come up on the brand new booth Avocado Time.  This teeny tiny booth held the MOST delicious offering of the three available and I would gladly come back multiple times to purchase… okay, okay, who are we kidding… I totally will!

  • Spiced Oumph! on Pita with Avocado Hummus and Garlic Sauce $6.00

This was a really eye opening dish.  At first glance, I could have sworn a huge heaping pile of chicken was on my pita.  It tasted like it too. In fact, I had my friend, (Hi Caitlyn!) who is not a Vegan, try it.  Verdict: She went back the next day and got one herself! Definitely Meat Eater: Approved! So what is “Oumph!”? Answer: Produced in the UK, it’s a soy based protein that is flavored with organic seasonings. Fun Fact: It’s named after the sound the chef made when he tasted the final product!  Overall, it does have a strong garlic flavor along with the avocado hummus. The pita was a great way to pick up and take bites out it like pizza.  When I originally had it opening weekend it was served warm, but since I’ve heard reports that it is cold now.  Either way, it’s delicious!

Moving on down the line, we arrive at our second brand new booth, Eat Your Greens!

  • Compressed Asian Cucumbers with Green Sauce, Toasted Almonds and Sea Beans $6.00

This was an interesting little boat of veggies.  I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised! Cucumber slices are put into a vacuum seal and “compressed” giving it a translucent look while keeping a super crunchy texture. I can’t quite figure out what the “green sauce” is, but it was unexpectedly sweet and flavorful.  The almonds added a nice texture on top while the sea beans seemed to be more for plating visual purposes rather than taste. The added seasoning sprinkled over the whole dish is almost like a Tajin but doesn’t do much for the previous flavors of the greens and almonds. Overall, this was a pretty good addition to the Vegan offerings. While not my favorite it added a nice contrast to the garlic and avocado at the previous booth.

Last up on our list is the booth I Heart Artichokes. 

  • Grilled & Chilled Artichoke Hearts with Romesco $6.50

This is a great veggie based dish boasting a seasoned grilled artichoke heart on a bed of romesco sauce (Spanish tomato sauce made with almonds, garlic, parsley and spices) and was actually a favorite of mine from last year.  It’s a little odd at first eating something that looks like it’s warm, but is actually served cold.  The nuts in the sauce give it an almost “cheese” flavor which replaces that parmesan topping we always love to add to pastas. The artichoke is always flavorful and provides a unique pairing with the tomato based sauce. Overall, if you love artichokes and tomato based pasta sauces… this should be a go-to for you!

Bonus Round

While not listed on the “Vegan” section of the Food & Wine booklet, there are many drink options available at the booths during the festival.  One in particular caught my eye and I had to try it! Behold,

  • Beet Kombucha Sangria $9.50

Served at the Eat Your Greens booth, this gorgeous drink is a mix of white wine and Health-Ade Beet Kombucha.  It is SO GOOD! Topped with some blackberries, this will definitely have people coming up to you asking “What is that??”.  If you have never heard of Kombucha, it is a sort of fermented tea, sort of like the fermentation process of beer, that is slightly carbonated. It has a very distinct taste which may be a little off putting to some, much like the first time you taste a beer or wine. Again, I did the Friend taste test and had Caitlyn try it.  She loved it and sent out an immediate text report to some other friends wanting a review.  I would definitely recommend trying it if you enjoy kombucha drinks. And it’s pretty, so…

Over all, the 2018 Festival did a great job bringing more vegan options to the masses this year! With 2 new additions alongside the returning Artichoke option, we’re off to an awesome start for future Food & Wine Offerings.

Bit of a side note before we close out and run to get more Oomph! Each of the 3 Vegan options (not including the sangria), ran me about $18.50, I’d say, is about the normal meal price you’d pay at a Disney parks counter service sans any discounts. Considering the upgrade vs a burger, fries, and a coke, it’s a fun way to shake up your dining experience. The Festival also offers a Annual Passholder Sip and Savor pass priced at $45. This souvenir lanyard includes 8 snap off coupon tabs that can be redeemed at the booths for food items and some beverages (alcoholic beverages excluded). It sounds like a great deal, right?  It can be, but here’s what you need to consider before purchasing. The average cost of the tabs (45 divided by 8), is roughly $5.62 per item.  Each of our Vegan items are $6+, so we’re good to go if you plan on going back multiple times throughout the length of the festival. However, my advice if you only have one or two nights to spend at the Food & Wine, skip the lanyard and just pay the full price.  Even if there are two of you eating at each of these for a single day, your total would still be short of the $45 lanyard price.


Well, that wraps it up! Thank you guys for coming along with me on this Food & Wine journey! I sure do love “researching”…

Till next time!

Lots of Coffee & Confetti,



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