Disneyland Resort Raises Prices on Tickets and Annual Passes

The Disneyland Resort has raised prices on some of its tickets and all annual passes. The move comes ahead of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxies Edge in 2019 that is expected to be incredibly popular. Prices for the value level tickets for the single day and single park will remain the same. For single day park hopper tickets, the prices actually decreased. All annual pass prices have increased. Here is a look at the new prices:

  • Value: 1 Day, 1 Park $97 ($91 child)
  • Value: 1 Day Parkhopper $147 ($141 child)
  • Regular: 1 Day, 1 Park $117 ($110 child)
  • Regular: 1 Day Parkhopper $167 ($160 child)
  • Peak: 1 Day, 1 park $135 ($127)
  • Peak 1 Day Parkhopper $185 ($177)
  • 2 Day, 1 Park $210 ($198 child)
  • 2 Day Parkhopper $260 ($248 child)
  • 3 Day, 1 Park $280 ($264 child)
  • 3 Day Parkhopper $330 ($314 child)
  • 4 Day, 1 Park $305 ($287 child)
  • 5 Day, 1 Park $320 ($301 child)
  • 5 Day Parkhopper $370 ($351 child)
  • Premier Annual Passport $1,579
  • Signature Plus Annual Passport $1149
  • Signature Annual Passport $999
  • Deluxe Annual Passport $729
  • So Cal Annual Passport (on hiatus – only renewals)$549
  • Select Annual Passport $369

The Disneyland Resort continues to offer their monthly payment plan for their annual passports. The change in prices continues a trend of annual price increases by Disney. Every change in price is generally met with debate within the Disney community. DAPS MAGIC believes that price increases are actually a good thing for the guest experience. It is expected that prices will continue to increase annually, especially with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxies Edge. Prices also went up at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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