There’s a lot of trivia out there about the Disney parks and resorts- where the “hidden Mickey’s” are, what time to hit up Splash Mountain (hint: last), how often to eat a Dole whip before admitting you have a problem…

But there’s also a lot of misinformation out there about the Disney experience. We here at DAPs Magic just happen to love Disney, and I thought I could take a run at a few of these popular misnomers.

Special thanks to the extended DAPs Magic Team, who helped pull a lot of these misconceptions together!


  1. Weekends are the worst time to go

Truth- There’s good and bad times all throughout the week, and year!

While it’s still pretty common for the weekends to pick up a bit, some changes both societally and on the park side have shifted the busyness.

A festive day at Disneyland

First, the idea of the standard “weekend” has gone the way of the dodo for many folks. That means more dissemination throughout the week.

Also, Disney’s combination of tiered pricing, and blockout days for passes means some unexpected days become great ones to attend! Moreover, the busiest (expected) days tend to be the ones with the most entertainment offerings and longest hours! It all tends to equal out.


  1. Everything is super expensive

Truth- There’s a range, just like everywhere else!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some things that cost a lot. Like, a lot a lot. But there are things available for everyone’s budget, and if you’re willing to spend the coin, the products tend to match the price in quality.

While some items (I’m looking at you, soda bottles), are admittedly a buck or two over the general price, you’re paying for the convenience. And, all things really considered, it’s not that much more for those select few things.

Best advice? Know what you’re willing to spend ahead of time, and work within you means. Also, prepare to avoid costs you don’t want. Disney completely allows you to bring in your own food and drink, so feel free to avoid some costs completely!

And if you can’t understand the (admittedly expensive) cost of admission, there’s a reason for it! Watch this short video we made to learn a bit about why ticket costs have gone up.

YouTube player

  1. It’s impossible to eat healthy/with my allergy

Truth- There’s a great many options for every diet!

One of my favorite parts of the parks is the vast array of foodstuffs available. I’ve gone on many a trip with friends and family that have various dietary restrictions, from vegetarians to diabetics, gluten-sensitive to just downright picky, and have never had a problem finding something we all can enjoy.

For any food concern while at Disney, the simple solution is usually just to ask! All restaurants have a comprehensive ingredient list for their offerings, and most can adjust the recipes to fit the needs of anyone ordering. Oftentimes the chef will come to your table for a quick check-in, to make sure their preparation meets your standards.


  1. Even if you don’t care about calories, theme park food is junk

Truth- Have you even tried a Main Street churro?!?

Hands down, some of my favorite tasting things can be found at Disney. Just about everything is made well, and with so many options that it’s hard not to find what you’d like.

A royal sighting during a parade

There’s even a ton of seasonal offerings at many locations, ranging from the unusual to the downright artisanal. I’ve seen obscure proteins, delicious jackfruit meat substitutes, crème fraîche, ridiculous cheese platters… Eating is really part of the trip!


  1. There’s nothing for adults

Truth- There’s a ton that’s just for adults, and the “kid” stuff is great too!

Yes, the Disney parks focus heavily on the experience for kids, but what are adults but grown-up kids anyhow? I can appreciate the artistry and complexity of attractions like the Haunted Mansion and the Mark Twain much more as an adult. Every aspect of the experience is studiously handcrafted and can be appreciated no matter your age.

Moreover, there are experiences tailored specifically for grown-ups, several of them with libations! Rides like Guardians are easily intense enough for any thrill-seeker, and grabbing an artisanal beer while watching a skilled big band in the evening is commonplace. I’ve even sat in on a lecture for wine tasting by a skilled sommelier!


  1. If you’ve been once, you don’t need to go again

Truth- “Disneyland will never be completed.” – Walt Disney

Depending on how recently you’ve been (and I’m not just talking about a matter of years, either. If it’s been more than a couple months.), you’re liable to find a ton of new things to do. New attractions, shows, and offerings arrive all the time, and some of the classics have gotten some pretty substantial makeovers.

Also, there’s a ton of great seasonal offerings, only available at certain times of the year. If you’re a foodie (I know, I talk about food a lot), be sure to come during the Food and Wine Festival. Like the Disney Villains? Check out the special Halloween offerings. And absolutely nothing will get you in the holiday spirit more than Main Street USA at Christmastime.


  1. You can’t do anything when it’s busy

Truth- It’s all about how you go about your day!

Let’s face it: some days, Disney is just busy. Folks enjoy the parks, so it makes sense for a lot of them to be there from time to time. But just because a few of the E-ticket attractions have over a three-hour wait, it doesn’t mean you’re vacation is ruined!

Even superheroes get tied up from time to time

The parks have several systems in place to make sure you have the best time possible, but it is up to you to use them to your full potential. Look at the dates you’d like to go to see the expected crowd levels, learn about attraction resources (Fastpass, magic bands) before you arrive, and maximize your times in the park by going where folks aren’t!

Most importantly, your attitude will greatly determine your enjoyment. Many of us from the DAPs Magic crew go to the parks quite often for several hours without ever getting on a ride, and we still have a wonderful time.


  1. It’s Disney’s fault if it’s not absolutely PERFECT

Truth- It’s their goal (and most profitable) for you to have a great time!

Sometimes, bad stuff happens. A ride breaks down. Your ice cream falls out of the cone. Fireworks get canceled. And it’s not fun.

But the Walt Disney Company can, and does do everything in their power to give you the best possible time!

Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, if something becomes unavailable during your visit, it’s for safety reasons. If a Cast Member is asking you to clear a walkway, there’s a good reason, even if you can’t see it. Things like firework cancellations are controlled by municipal authorities like fire marshals, and if they say no, the parks can’t launch them.

If you truly feel something has prevented you from having a great visit, by all means, go and speak to a Cast Member, preferably at City Hall or a similar guest relations location. But please, bring your kindness. The employees of the Magic Kingdom are a special, wonderful breed, and really will do anything that they can to give you the best time. Treat them well, and they will do the same!


  1. It’s just a thing from cartoons, there’s no real art

Truth- Artistry is in everything at the parks!

I’ve heard a lot of people dismiss the Disney parks as unentertaining, fake nonsense. While I agree with the “nonsense” portion, I do so only because anything worth anything usually is.

Art and culture are built into every aspect of the Disney parks, honoring the innovators who pioneered the films and animation and creating new, wonderful experiences. Attractions, shows, and even flowerbeds have hundreds of the most talented minds going into their creation.

Think of the Disney parks as living, breathing museums, celebrating the past, present, and future of a creative endeavor started by and continued by artists.


  1. The Disney fanatics are insane washouts

Truth- I’m feeling a little attacked, here!

As a self-proclaimed Disney Geek myself, I’ve seen firsthand the best and worst of this community… …and, for the most part, they’re a good group of folks. As I’ve mentioned before, everyone’s a geek in one way or another, it’s just a matter of what thing you’re fascinated by. For this community, it’s the artistry, storytelling, and magic of a man willing to see what a mouse could build.

And even the most dedicated of us aren’t a horde of mouth-breathers, with no life outside the main gates. We’re doctors, professors, artists, baristas, drivers, producers, nannies… all manner of professions and walks of life. We just love Disney and aren’t afraid to show it. Such confidence is to be envied, not pitied.


What do you think? Did we miss any misconceptions about the Disney parks and resorts? Let us know in the comments below!



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