DuckTales: Woo Hoo!Scrooge McDuck and his nephews are back! In this new DuckTales dvd, nothing seems to be going particularly right for Scrooge, Donald, and the boys. However, they discover that family really is the key to both happiness and success when they end up going on an adventure to lost city of Atlantis! For fans of the original show, you will note that things are a little bit different. There is a slightly different look and there is a new voice cast. The cast includes David Tennant (“Doctor Who”) as Scrooge McDuck, Danny Pudi (“Community”) as Huey, Ben Schwartz (“Parks and Recreation”) as Dewey, Bobby Moynihan (“Saturday Night Live”) as Louie, Kate Micucci (“Garfunkel and Oates”) as Webby Vanderquack, Beck Bennett (“Saturday Night Live”) as Launchpad McQuack, Toks Olagundoye (“Castle”) as Mrs. Beakley and Tony Anselmo (“Mickey Mouse”) as Donald Duck. This copy was provided by Disney as a review copy.


This is a fun show to watch. I will admit, it took me a bit to get used to the style of this new DuckTales. Having grown up on the version nearly three decades ago, this was slightly different. However, different doesn’t mean bad. The quality of the animation and the sound that accompanies it is very well done. Once I got used to the differences, this because a very enjoyable show to watch. It looks good. It sounds good. It is an enjoyable viewing experience.


The extras included with DuckTales: Woo-oo! really are boiled down to six “Welcome to Duckberg!” shorts that focus on the following:

  • Donald
  • Scrooge
  • Huey
  • Webby
  • Launchpad
  • Beakley

These were fun to watch but I probably wouldn’t rewatch them over and over again like some of the episodes. It is a nice addition and worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

DuckTales: Woo-oo! is a very enjoyable return of DuckTales to the small screen. I, for one, am very happy to have this show back. It was one of my favorites as a kid and like the return of an old friend, its return is welcome. This is a fun DVD to have and I hope it is the first of many. I don’t believe all the original episodes of DuckTales was ever completely released. I’d love to see all of the old and new episodes of DuckTales released for our viewing enjoyment. Definitely grab this one and put it in your Disney library while you can! You don’t want to miss this opportunity for the fun return of Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, and the boys!

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