Disney Buys Fox – 2017 Top 5 Disney Stories – Number 2

Is It True?

Rumors began circulating the web that Disney was in talks to buy Fox.  It appeared on many sites in November, but according to some sources it was petering out.  As the weeks went on, it was put on hold rather than done with.  No confirmation could be found, however.

It’s True

Then, in December, things ramped up just some days before Christmas.  Disney and Fox were in negotiations.  It appeared that Disney was going to absorb another media enterprise.

What was still being negotiated is what Disney was actually purchasing.  Some sources were pointing out that a Fox type company would own the television networks, Fox News, and some other pieces.  The studios and some sports affiliates would be under the Disney umbrella.

The Buyout

The purchase came out of additional information that other companies were interested in the media network.  Disney was the frontrunner, and these other companies backed out of any deal negotiations seeing Disney as pulling ahead.

Disney and Fox reached a deal on December 14.  There were huge reactions on the internet, television, and in many peoples’ conversations.  This is going to change a lot.

Though everything is not final, it’s clear that this has hit fans of both studios amazingly.  It’s something still talked about on many sites.  Moviegoers and television audiences have it in the back of their mind now.

You may be wondering why this isn’t the first place story of the year.  The only reason why is that it all happened near the end of the year.  There wasn’t much festering of it all.  But, the momentum it has it could prove to carry over into 2018 for the biggest story there once everything is finalized.

What do you think of the story?  Let us know in comments below.  And here are some links to our coverage of the buyout.

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