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Ariel is possibly one of the most popular disneybounds out there! With such a simple color scheme, it’s easy to replicate with things you already have in your own closet or you can find the right pieces in whatever style you’re going for! Before I left for Walt Disney World, I was looking at all the outfit pieces I had and was planning my disneybounds ahead of time. I had the Flo’s inspired mint green skirt from Damsel Designed, and I immediately looked for a purple top to coordinate! This has turned into one of the easiest disneybounds I’ve ever done, and one of my absolutefavorites!

Ariel Disneybound:


And that’s really all there was to it! We took photos of the outfit in the new Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom and it made the perfect backdrop for this outfit!

What disneybound would you like to see me try next? Let me know!

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