Disneyland FastPass and MaxPass Change – 2017 Top 5 Disney Stories – Number 3

Disneyland saw a major change to its longtime FastPass system, and it became a big deal in 2017 though it was a long time coming.


Disneyland’s FastPass has been around for almost two decades, and has been implemented around the globe in many Disney parks.  Walt Disney World changed their system a bit drastically to incorporate Magic Bands.  Ever since their implementation, it’s been rumored to come to Disneyland, or a different system to come in.  Over some time, Space Mountain at Disneyland would often have some test days for a barcode system where selected guests scanned a ticket to return to the ride.

Announcing MaxPass

In January, Disneyland announced a couple of attractions would receive FastPass after not having it for a long time.  But, along with Matterhorn and Toy Story Mania receiving this special line, something called MaxPass was announced as well.  It was the beginning of a new system longtime rumored.  It was still unknown exactly how MaxPass was going to work.

Let Go of the Old

In June of this year, pole-like machines were unveiled at a few attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain.  It was clear that a new FastPass system would shortly come into being.  But, details weren’t entirely clear how it would work alongside MaxPass.

June 21 saw the switch over to a new system.  Though paper tickets were still given out, Cast Members stated they serve as reminders instead of what to scan in the new machines.  Tickets and Annual Passports would be the new method, and that means the FastPass was linked to individuals.  Some were upset at the change because of liking to give away unused FastPass tickets.  Although the early prints still had a barcode that could be scanned for the return.  In a couple of months, the barcode went away and tickets and passes were the only way to redeem.  But, there was still another way to redeem…

Getting the Maximum

MaxPass came to the Resort in July.  It is an add-on to visiting guests and Annual Passholders, with different pricing accordingly.  It also started allowing phone app FastPass selections.  With it being linked to tickets, the FastPass could be redeemed through the physical ticket or app on the phone.

The new FastPass has been the first major change to the system in over a decade.  With longtime speculation, this has been anticipated for some time.  Some reactions have been that it’s well received, and others mourn the old system.  It’s yet to be seen whether the new way and MaxPass are more efficient since it hasn’t been a year for the system.

What is clear is that many are utilizing MaxPass.  And many reacted to the change in systems at Disneyland.  When it first came about it was the biggest topic of the year.  But, there were still others to come…

What do you think of the new FastPass system and how it has affected the Disneyland Resort?  Let us know in the comments below.  And check out our coverage of the new FastPass and MaxPass.

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