5 Tips For A Successful Dapper Day

With Dapper Day coming this weekend, it can be easy to quickly become overwhelmed and not be able to make the most of it! Here a 5 quick tips to ensure you have the Dapper Day of your dreams!

  1. Make your plan Establish early on the things you don’t want to miss! There are tons of meet-ups and opportunities to see others, so find out the times and keep your eye on the time so you don’t miss anything you want to see!
  2.  Find your outfit A crucial part of Dapper Day is stepping out in your best style, so find something that speaks to you and wear it! Dapper Day is about dressing to the nines in a way that shows off your style and who you are, so have fun!
  3. Keep comfort in mind Possibly the most important part of Dapper Day is staying comfortable. I have seen many Dapper Days end too soon for guests because of painful shoes or itchy jackets. Show off your style, but also remember you’ll be walking around Disneyland!
  4. Dapper Day Expo The Expo takes place every event in the Disneyland Hotel meeting center, and this season it’s back and bigger than ever! There will be master classes on everything fashion, meet and greets with vintage style icons, and much more!
  5. Document! It is always fun to be able to look back fondly on Dapper Days past with pictures to see how your outfits and style grow and change. Snap a few selfies with friends or find a Dapper Day photographer! It will be a wonderful memory to look back on, and also fun to share the pictures on social media.

However you spend your Dapper Day, as long as you have fun and enjoy yourself, it is a successful one! Be sure to find us there, as we step out in our Sunday style to Disneyland!