Guardians of the Galaxy Disneybound – Caitie Creates

Today, fellow DAPs magic contributor Veronica and I took to Disneyland in full Guardians of the Galaxy Disneybounds, ready to take on the Summer of Heroes! Our bounds were fairly simple, but got an incredible amount of compliments! We were often stopped and asked about various pieces of our outfits.

The most important thing to both Veronica and I was to keep the outfits both affordable and to have outfit pieces we would be able to wear again. This is something both of were able to accomplish, mainly by looking into stores that layout their merchandise by color blocking, as this made looking for specific character coloring much easier.

Rocket Disneybound
  • Orange Bodysuit from Forever 21
  • Black Circle Skirt from Unique Vintage
  • Black Converse
  • Orange Purse from Forever 21
Groot Disneybound
  • Off The Shoulder Top from Forever 21
  • Green Pants from Marshalls
  • Strap Sandals from Target
  • Green Glasses from EyeBuyDirect

My favorite part of our outfits was the personalized hand-made ears that we got to sit down and make together! You can check out our walk-through on how we made those here.

Check out our video for the finished product, and let us know what we should take on next!


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