Disneyland Railroad Returns For Grand Circle Tours

Disneyland has reopened the Disneyland Railroad a day earlier than its official grand reopening.

A Classic Attraction

The Disneyland Railroad was an opening day attraction, and one of the more connected to Walt Disney himself.  He has had a model train in his backyard, and it served as inspiration for the attraction at the parks.  The train ride has also been duplicated around the globe, with Disneyland Railroads in Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

The attraction was closed over a year ago in January 2016 to start construction on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.  In its down time the attraction under went some modifications both due to the new land taking some space, and to take advantage of sprucing up some of the scenery.


The Disneyland Railroad is much the same as its always been.  Guests can board at Main Street, New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toontown or Tomorrowland.  Much of the ride has remained the same.  The stations aren’t much different.  Some of the scenery has remained the same like at New Orleans Square, Adventureland, and traveling through Splash Mountain.

The Grand Canyon Diroama and Primeval World isn’t much different either.  But, there are some added effects to make it more fun.  Projections convey lightning in the Grand Canyon, and also a spark of fire there too.  Double rainbows are seen after it.  The Primeval World has some projections as well, which are most seen behind pterodactyls and a volcano behind the T-Rex and Stegasaurus.

The significant difference along the track is seen after Critter Country, along Rivers of America.  Some of the views you can see from the various river boats.  The train has a nice birds eye view of these.  The new Indian Chief waves at guests aboard the train.  The trestle is an elegant feature while traveling by railway.  And the rock work by Big Thunder Mountain gives it a great wilderness feel.  There are many new sights to see from these areas.

The Train Thing

It is wonderful to have the Disneyland Railroad back for visitors.  It is a nice, relaxing feature to the park amidst heat and busy crowds.  Below are video of the full ride through and some photos from train view.

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