Disneyland Classics Return & Thor – Disneyland Update & Sundays With DAPs

This week had one of the biggest updates to the Resort with the reopening of some classic attractions.

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Disneyland Railroad

The Disneyland Railroad now makes the infamous left turn for the first time in its history.  Besides this, the engines and cars have been refurbished and look great.  The stations were decorated for the reopening days with balloons that fit each place.

The Grand Canyon and Primeval World dioramas are back with some added effects to make some surprises on the journey.  They look fresh and glimmering with some care given during the down time.  Then there’s the banks of the Rivers of America and within Frontierland.  These areas have the most significant changes with added scenery, cuts into the banks, and moving of the Indian Village.  The atmosphere is much more like a frontier which is a great feature for the old west train.

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Rivers of America

Three other attractions that reopened are the Mark Twain, Columbia, and Davey Crockett’s Explorer Canoes.  These go along the route of the river and have great views of Tom Sawyer Island and the new bridge and trestle.  There are some great gags and scenes along the attraction route, like some mischievous beavers.

The cut into the former route brings the train a bit closer.  It makes for some breathtaking views from the Railroad or ships as both pass by each other.

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New Pathways

Because these attractions have reopened, guests are able to get even closer to the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land that is still being constructed.  From Big Thunder Trail there are two entrance pathways that have opened.  Guests can travel under one of the bridges of the train and view a horse trail that goes up to the tracks.  Over in Critter Country there is an extended Hungry Bear eating area that is over the third entrance to the Star Wars Land.  This spot also offers great views of the new Rivers of America waterfall rock work.


Thor has been having some meet and greets in Disney California Adventure for the Summer of Heroes.  There are no listed times, but he roams around the Hollywoodland area.  You can find him at the Backlot part where Spider-Man and Captain America often greet as well.  But, again, he doesn’t stop in any location and is able to interact with guests as he goes around.


Although it opened last week, here’s a glimpse at the refurbished Disney California Adventure Animation building.  Very little has changed.  Carpet is new in the rooms.  Projectors are brighter and crisper (most likely replaced bulbs or new projectors).  Everything else remains the same including references to Ursula’s Grotto which is still closed.

That’s it for this week!  We’ll be back next week with more updates from the Resorts.  Until then, have a magical week!