New FastPass Scanners Unveiled at Disneyland

fastpass maxpass@BeciMahnken on Twitter found some new posts without covers on them at Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland.

In 2015, Disneyland began testing new “self-serve” FastPass entrances at Space Mountain.  Guests were given a barcode card to gain access to the FastPass line.  It started the speculation that changes would come to Disneyland regarding FastPass in the near future.  Many assumed it would be similar to Walt Disney World’s system which incorporates Magic Bands with RFID and their app to schedule FastPass times.  But, this test didn’t use any RFID technology.

MaxPass Announcement

Then, at the beginning of the year, Disneyland announced the coming of MaxPass which would allow guests to schedule FastPasses in advance for a fee.  But, the system itself was not announced.  It’s been assumed that there would be an overhaul of the system to accommodate the new upsell passes.  Slowly there have been small posts popping up next to FastPass entrances, but kept under covers.

Unveiled Now

With @BeciMahnken’s photo it’s clear that these new posts are in view of guests.  From what is seen there is a barcode scanner to scan FastPass tickets.  This is consistent with the testing at Space Mountain.  But, there is an unusual bump on the post underneath.  This bump seems consistent with the Magic Band technology in Walt Disney World.  Those posts do not have a scanner above the bump, however.

Could RFID technology come to Disneyland?  Maybe.  If anything is clear it’s that there will be a barcode system in place for FastPass and especially MaxPass.  It could also use the wireless technology for more security with MaxPasses.

So far Big Thunder Mountain is the only location to have these unveiled and testing.  Posts can be seen at other attractions, but, again, under covers to hide the machines.

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  1. A guess will not actually scan the FastPass, but rather their park ticket barcode, which contains the FastPass information. The Fastpass will only serve as a reminder of your return time and will not be scanned or collected.

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