Captain Britain Could Be in a Marvel Movie and Why That’s Significant

captain britainNewsarama has recently shared a part of an interview with Kevin Feige and HeyUGuys where Feige does say a certain Captain could be in Marvel movies.

Who is Captain Britain?

Captain Britain was originally published in the UK for Marvel UK.  In the States, he first teamed up with Spider-Man in the comics, and later was part of greater teams and storylines within Marvel Comics.  Of those is the team of Excalibur, which was the X-Men in Europe.  On the team were Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, and other mutants, though Captain Britain is not a mutant.  He is also the human brother of mutant Psylocke.

Brian Braddock is the name of the bearer of the Captain Britain mantle.  His powers are somewhat magical and are tied to Britain itself.  He must wear a special suit if he goes outside the country and wants to do heroics there.  So, hence, Captain Britain.

Will He Be in Marvel Studios Movies?

The quote from Feige doesn’t say Braddock will be in a film anytime soon.  But, it’s being considered:

“We have discussed it,” Feige told HeyUGuys when asked if Captain Britain could appear in Marvel’s films. “There are a lot of actors that come in and ask about that part, so we’ll have to see.”

It means that we won’t see him anytime soon, but someday.  Their having many actors that wish to play him could help pave the way for a Captain Britain film.

What Does it All Mean?

Though Captain Britain is a lesser known hero in Marvel Comics there are a couple of very significant things that his film could do.

First is the out of the United States heroics.  The Marvel films have been centrally focused on America.  And, sorry, but I don’t count Black Panther because it’s a fictional country setting.  Marvel needs to expand out of the States, and even expand its hero base in that way.  Should Captain Britain be the first one for that?  I think there are others that would be even better, but Britain could be a start.

The second even more significant note is that Captain Britain would open up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to other realities.  Why?  Because Captain Britain is deep in the idea that he’s connected to Captain Britains in other dimensions.  He’s one of many.  Their powers are somewhat tied together too.  Many of the stories told of Britain are about dimension hopping heroics.

Where reality hopping is tricky territory to get into for Marvel films, it could open things up to reboots of other characters.  In the comics there has been the main Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe as the other main parallel earth.  The Ultimate universe is where we get Miles Morales as Spider-Man.  If Captain Britain visits this earth, we could be introduced to a whole new set of old characters.  It’d be a reboot that doesn’t dismiss the original Marvel Cinematic Universe!


That’s just my theory, though.  If Captain Britain comes about it could go in an entirely different direction.  But, I’d love to see some kind of identity crisis type story that involves dimension hopping.  It could be fun!

What do you think about the prospect of Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Let us know in comments below!



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