Bats Day and Rivers of America Full – Disneyland Update & Sundays With DAPs

bats dayThis last weekend saw a lot of people heading to the Resort as schools start having proms and Grad Nights around the parks.  It was also the annual Bats Day on Sunday.  All of this made for a bit of crowds around, but it was still a lovely time to venture in.

Bats Day

A big crowd gathered to have a group picture taken in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle on Main Street for Bats Day.  Many were in macabre outfits as they posed.  Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas, and villain motifs were abound in this group.  The sprinkling of rain did not keep them down from enjoying the time.

Rivers of America

In Frontierland, Mr. Daps, Cameron and myself were able to ascend to the Mark Twain wheel house.  A big thanks to river pilot Jeremy for letting us up there.

From the wheel house there are gorgeous views of the park, and especially Frontierland.  While we were up there, the Disneyland Band was playing their set in front of The Golden Horseshoe.  It was one of those great magical moments that don’t come up too often at Disneyland.  Yet, they are available at times.

Around the Rivers of America is water.  Ok, I know that’s obvious, but what I mean is that the river has been completely filled again.  The wall blocking view of rock work and new train path is gone.  You can now see more of what’s to come, and it looks beautiful.

As of now there are no announced dates of the return of the Disneyland Railroad and river craft.  But, it seems like everything is on track (no pun intended) to have things ready for the summer.

Popcorn Bucket

A refillable popcorn bucket has started to be on sale at various popcorn cart locations.  Just like the other Annual Passholder buckets, it is refillable for $1 after purchasing the bucket at $15. The artwork is similar to the AP Days Main Street Electrical Parade button art.  They can be refilled until July 30, 2017.

We’ll be back next week with an update including the Tinkerbell Half Marathon!


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