New Cars 3 Trailer Shows Lightning Up Against Next Generation of Racers

Disney-Pixar has released a brand new Cars 3 trailer that highlights Lightning McQueen’s struggle with a new generation of racers.  The extended look aired during the Daytona 500 in which Owen Wilson, voice of Lightning McQueen, served as grand marshal.   The preview highlights the new cars having more features to help with their racing, like being more aerodynamic.  A voice over that is directed to McQueen points out that he can’t turn back time to be a better racer.  The trailer goes into more of the scene in which Lightning gets into a horrible crash.  We see how he gets into the accident, but when it takes place in the movie is still unknown.

The trailer sets up the plot more than before, showing that Lightning is struggling to keep up with the newest generation of race cars.  It also greatly points out the differences between the new characters and this now classic racer.  The crash that we saw in the first trailer is now at night instead of the day, which is an interesting change between them.  We still don’t see any of the Radiator Springs group in the preview, so how much they will be in the movie is yet to be seen as well.  This film seems very Lightning McQueen focused so far.  A bit of speculation on my part is that the voice over that is trying to encourage Lightning is Chris Cooper.  But, he’s not listed in any credits so far, and there’s no indication of what character it is that is talking to McQueen.  My guess is a new coach since there is the hole filled by Doc Hudson.  The trailers keep showing that this is a more serious movie out of all the Cars franchise.

Check out the trailer below and some images from the Daytona 500!