Celebrating the Lunar New Year – Sundays With DAPs Disneyland Photo Update

This last weekend was the official Lunar New Year time across the world.  At Disneyland and Disney California Adventure crowds descended on the parks to celebrate the festive time.

So, of course we had to watch the Mulan Processional at Paradise Gardens.  The performance includes Mulan and Mushu leading the way of dragon dancers, warrior drummers, and parasol ladies.  It is always lively with the music and constant moving of performers.  One of the reasons to watch the processional is the use of live music with the recorded music.  It’s a great blend.  And the dragon is always a fun thing to watch.

After the Lunar New Year tour, we spent time getting pictures over at Disneyland.  It was a bright sunny day for Frontierland.

Also there were some geeks in the wild over in Adventureland.  Specifically they descended down Tarzan’s Treehouse.

When night hit the resort there had to be photographing of the Mark Twain and its reflection.

Over in Tomorrowland there is a great seated view of Fantasy in the Sky fireworks.  It is a vantage point I had never considered before, but behind Tomorrowland Terrace gives a great place to sit and watch the show.  Though I would not recommend it for other fireworks shows, this classic fireworks extravaganza is a more basic show to catch not at the castle.

Of course when the sun goes down it means that the Main Street Electrical Parade will take place.  The first performance was so packed there were announcements throughout the route saying that all the viewing locations were filled.  This was a near capacity day for both parks.  The second showing of MSEP allowed for some last minute watching on Main Street itself.  And that meant some great photographs as well.

Next week we’ll be back, and hopefully with some footage of the return of Remember…Dreams Come True – the fireworks show originally made for the 50th anniversary!

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