Take a Glimpse of Pandora – The World of Avatar

A featurette that premiered with the Disney Parks Christmas parade special on Christmas Day showed a behind the scenes look at Pandora – the World of Avatar.  James Cameron and Joe Rohde spoke about what it was like to create the land in Animal Kingdom.  Disney Parks Blog has put the video on YouTube and offered a post about the place.

In the video, there are small previews of the river ride and Banshee ride that will open with Pandora.  The scenes looked like the simulator experiences at Imagineering and probably are not the final product.  But, it showed that the attractions will look great!

Closeups of the floating islands made an appearance.  If they will truly appear floating is yet to be seen.  Nevertheless, they will be huge to walk under when it’s all said and done.

Overall, it’s nice to see a lot of progress on Pandora.  There has not been a lot of information or views pouring out.  This short YouTube video gives a good look at how finishing touches are being done, since it will open in the summer of this next year.

Though it has been shown online already, the shaman Audio-Animatronic looks to be the most advanced to date.  It’s as lifelike as it can come.  It’s already known that she will be appearing on the river attraction, but James Cameron eludes to some other surprise at the end of it.  The Parks Blog post also eludes to it being some kind of special encounter with the shaman.

This is a great teaser to have for the upcoming Animal Kingdom area.  It looks like exciting attractions and, even as they say in the video, an immersive experience!

Catch the video below and let us know what you think about the World of Avatar – coming to Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Summer of 2017!