DuckTales Oo oo! - Geeks Corner - Episode 611

DuckTales Oo oo! – Geeks Corner – Episode 611

Welcome to Geeks Corner! As Christmas draws near, it’s time to geek out about Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood! Tyler and Hayley visited over the weekend and brought back a special video for everyone to enjoy. DuckTales has also released a new teaser and the geeks evaluate it along with some of the elements that have been released about the reincarnation of this Disney classic cartoon. The Muppets have released a new episode of Pigs in Space, the first in 20 years. What did you think of it? Spider-Man: Homecoming has a new trailer. What do you think about this newest incarnation of the webbed wonder? Finally, with Christmas coming it’s time to talk about the geekiest and best Christmas presents that we wish we could have. What would you wish for? We hope you enjoy this episode of Geeks Corner! If you have ideas for what our Christmas episode next week should be titled, let us know by tweeting ideas to the show with the hashtag #geekscorner.

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