‘Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital’ DVD to Hit Shelves on October 18

The Doc is in! Soon to hit shelves, Doc McStuffins and all her pals will introduce a brand new DVD; Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital. Mark your calendars for October 18, because things are about to become fun.

Join Doc as she expands her practice from the backyard clinic to the magical new world of McStuffinsville, where she will carry on a family tradition by becoming Chief Resident of McStuffins Toy Hospital. After Grandma McStuffins shares the news that she too has the ability to bring toys to life, she transports Doc and her friends to McStuffinsville, a magical world made up entirely of toys. There, Doc appoints Lambie in charge of the toy nursery, Stuffy on vet duty, Chilly as receptionist and Hallie as head nurse.


This DVD will contain over two hours of episodes: Welcome to McStuffinsville, Baby McStuffins/Selfless Snowman, Runaway Love/Tour De McStuffins, Bringing Home Baby and Baby Names/Night, Night Lala.

Are you looking forward to this release?


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