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Meet Snow White’s Sister

Meet Snow White's Sister, Rose RedDid you know that Snow White has a sister? It’s true, Snow White has a sister named Rose Red. One small detail though: It’s not THAT Snow White. Go back to the Grimm’s Fairy Tales and there is a story about these two sisters… with a girl named Snow White who isn’t the one in the Disney classic animated film.

Now, Disney is developing a new movie about Rose Red. In this version, Rose Red is related to the Snow White that we know and love. This version is based off a pitch by Evan Daugherty which refocused an original draft by Justin Merz. Merz’s script has been around for quite awhile but wasn’t picked up until Daugherty approached Disney with a newer pitch on this story. 

In this new telling, Rose Red becomes a central player in the original Snow White story. After Snow White bites the apple, her estranged sister Rose Red accompanies Grumpy and the dwarfs on a dangerous mission to find a way to break the curse and bring Snow White back to life.

Daugherty is no stranger to the Snow White story. He recently wrote the script to Snow White and the Huntsman for Universal.  Red Rose will be produced by Tripp Vinson who is also working on fairy tale movies with Disney that include a prequel to Aladdin called Genies and also Prince Charming.

What do you think of this new live-action movie being made by Disney?



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