Disney California Adventure – 15th Anniversary – Part Two: Party In Hollywood

Continuing a series that will lead to the 15th anniversary of Disneyland’s second gate we’ll look at a couple of party offerings that hit the park around the 2010 time.  We all know of Mad T Party, and even Freeze The Night that have been in the Hollywoodland area of DCA.  But, its predecessors have been very beloved yet almost forgotten.

Glow Fest

The one that started it all only lasted for one season.  Premiering in the summer of 2010 as part of Summer Nightastic, Glow Fest entertained guests while World of Color had its premier season at Paradise Pier.  My guess is it was something to do if you didn’t get the coveted FastPass for the new night show.  Glow Fest featured neon and looping dancing music.  A large screen on Hyperion Theater had live imaging of people who danced within a specific area.

Though there were no live bands nor live DJ’s, this was the precursor to all that has followed.  The night would start with a live dance performance in the Sun Plaza of the former hub area of the park.  All who watched were encouraged to head into the party area.  Video screens would have images light up for everyone’s enjoyment, and every once in a while would have a music video with Disney music and characters from films.


More beloved and even more famous was the TRON inspired party.  Taking its cue from Glow Fest, this two year party event featured inspired pieces from TRON: Legacy.  In the Muppet Vision theater a 3D preview of the film would play (which is a bit of a precursor to how previews are shown at many Disney parks now).  A light cycle illuminated the exit to the theater, and in the daytime it would all go back to Muppet Vision 3D.

The night began with an introduction to both the Hollywoodland event and the major plotlines of the TRON movies.  Guests were ushered into the dance areas, much like Glow Fest did.  Live DJ’s replaced the looping, pre-made music of Glow Fest.  Special drinks were served at the End of Line Club towards the back of the land.  Flynn’s Arcade also entertained with a few retro games, including TRON, of course.  It was a nightly, seemingly non-stop dance club.  Dancers danced on special podiums, while other TRON residents facilitated games.  A nearby Recognizer would scan for “users” and “programs” as they entered the main dance area.

When it was announced that it would end, the place would be packed with people wanting to get their last fill of the party.  Many had made their own outfits and clothing that they would often wear every weekend.  Some made special shirts that “protested” the ending of the event.  In all, it proved that something like this fits well for California Adventure and has given way to the Mad T Party we have now.

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