New Year, New Geek: Planning For 2016

2015 has been a banner year for geeks. The amount of geekery we’ve gotten to enjoy has been exceptional, and we’ve all had the opportunity to come together in our shared weirdness.

And all that geeking has certainly been evident on my personal day to day. From joining the team on Geek’s Corner (Tuesdays on!), to spending my first full year with my Disneyland family, to starting one of my own by marrying a dynamite gal (of whom I love dearly and also puts up with a lot of my shenanigans).

Yup. We’re that couple.

And now we face a brave, new year, with a ton of geeky hope on the horizon! Harry Potter-themed lands on the west coast, new Star Wars everything, Pokemon apps… The list goes on. It’s a good time to be alive and obsessive with fandoms.

So, with all of the good planned for the future year, it’s time to plan for ourselves. That’s right. It’s resolution time.

Admittedly, I’ve never been one for resolutions in the past. They have just always seemed… trite, I guess. All of that, “new year, new me” business never really sat well with me. I like me. I’m my biggest fan. And then there’s the potential of not meeting my goals, which I’m sure says something psychologically.

But, as with all things, I put on my Geek Goggles, and got a little perspective. Just like your avatar on World of Warcraft, or the original Star Wars trilogy, there’s nothing wrong with liking things the way they are. But even though there’s a risk of failure (Mists of Pandaria, the prequels), the potential for improvement is too great to pass up the opportunity.

My goals are lofty, and I’ll admit to being intimidated. But, if you’re not pushing yourself, you’re only pulling yourself down. If you feel particularly well-versed in one of my goals and want to help, or want to take part in an aspect of this journey for yourself, then join me!

All right. Here we go:


[heading style=”subheader”]Grinding to Improve Stats[/heading]

If I’m gonna start somewhere, I may as well start somewhere stereotypical. Let’s talk health. I have no intention of becoming a super-obsessed ovo-lacto vegan or anything (no matter how cool the superpowers would be). I like red meat too much.

Plus, there’s the Vegan Police, so…

Much like anyone trying to build a good character in a video game, I want to consider what I put in to myself, to make sure I get the good ending (and to make sure I still fit in to my Legendary tier armor).

So, hard as it may be for someone with my level of addiction, I am going to start setting aside soda pop. I’m not giving it up entirely, mind you. I’ve tried that. I’m still not allowed back in that particular Pier 1 Imports… I’m just going to be better about my intake. Maybe only a single soda at a special occasion, and only water at restaurants (the refills are too tempting).

For food, the key will be portion size. I have a knack for eating not with my stomach, nor with my eyes, but with my imagination. I traditionally order enough food for two or three regular people. I don’t usually finish it (my leftovers are notorious), but I still eat way more than I should.

As far as using the energy that food gives us, I lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I work a lot, and my excuse has always been that I’m too tired after the hours I put in, but even a bit of consistent exercise provides more energy than it takes away.

Pictured: Not me. Either of them.

Again, I have no intention in dieting and exercising until I look like a 300 reject, nor do I think I look like Jabba the Hutt now. I’m talking about just being better. For health. And to not have to buy new pants.

[heading style=”subheader”]I Don’t Speak Droid[/heading]

The way people communicate has always fascinated me. For a long time now, my ideal superpower would be to speak and understand any language (There was an X-Men character that could. He died after just a couple of appearances. Not the point.). While I am tempted to devote my time and energy to learning a language in the cannon of my fandoms (Klingon, Wookie, C++), I feel a real form of communication would benefit me more.

If you can read this, then you have found Victory.

Now, I already know a bit of Spanish from high school, and I can fake it in many of the Romantic languages (that’s things like Italian and Portuguese, not Finn Ryder and Poe Dameron), but I’d like to focus somewhere else, on something I can approach fresh. Therefore, I have chosen Sign Language.

The key here is that I’m not only going to need to learn a new way of communicating, but also a new culture along with it. I have a lot of respect for the deaf community, and would enjoy being able to connect with a people group I encounter quite often. Geeks are good at sharing. I wish to be no different.

[heading style=”subheader”]Bad Guys Doing Good[/heading]

Okay, this one will be hard, because it requires the most financial commitment. But, I have a year, and it would fulfill a lifelong dream, with a modern twist.

I want to enlist in the 501st Legion.

For those of you unfamiliar, the 501st is a large group of volunteers who do fantastic charity work. They also happen to be huge Star Wars fans, and wear movie-accurate costumes.

And I want to be a Trooper.

More specifically, I want to be this kind of Trooper:

Traitor Trooper

The latest Star Wars film really spoke to me, and my lifelong obsession with a galaxy far, far away would be represented through giving back.

Now, since these uniforms are really, really accurate, and because I’d like to be able to get a lot of use out of it, this goal will be heavily tied to the first, making sure I am fit to troop. That, and a TK who can sign would certainly take care of any issues with communicators having problems. You know. So the Rebellion couldn’t infiltrate so easily.

[heading style=”subheader”]Beware the Frozen Heart[/heading]

My last goal is a bit open-ended and requires a bit of explanation.

My friend and regular on #GeeksCorner Melanie recently passed on a suggestion she received about resolutions. To speak to accountability, she has asked someone else to make a resolution for her. I like that idea a lot.

Therefore, I have decided to ask for twelve of them.

A lot can happen over the course of a year. Needs can change. Situations can rise and fall. So, a monthly goal can adapt to whatever is happening in my life and the world, and multiple sources can give excellent viewpoints.

Oh, and Melanie, thanks for the idea. You’re up first. My resolution is due on the 15th.

I’m sure she’s overjoyed.


[heading style=”subheader”]Dance, Dance, Resolution[/heading]


Well. It’s time to begin. This year is going to be quite the adventure, and I want to bring you all with me. I will be writing up monthly updates to keep you all abreast of my progress, and to announce who will be picking my next month-olution. I will also be using the social medias by hashtagging #geekolutions2016 on my Twitter account (@mr_camjaxn) if I’m working on something particularly noteworthy at the moment.

Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough how much I want you to join me in these goals. Whether you want to work on being a trooper, know a thing or two about signing, or just want to be a bit healthier with me, Please, please, PLEASE comment below, and post along with me on the internets. It’s never too late to join in, either. January 1st is just a date, and any time is a good time to better yourself.

See you tomorrow, and next year.

cam lion

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