Once Upon A Time – S5E3 – Siege Perilous Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.44.29 AMOnce Upon A Time continues its Dark Swan storyline with a deeper look into Camelot and the events that transpired for the main group.


The episode centers around finding a way to talk to Merlin, who is still trapped in a tree.  The answer lies in a toadstool, the Crimson Crown, but we only know this because of a flashback to Camelot.  Regina, Mary Margaret, and David think this could be something they are looking for because they stumble upon a book from Camelot that got carried over to Storybrooke.  A page with the Crimson Crown was marked by Regina, as we saw from the flashback.  The reason all this is confusing is that everyone who journeyed to Storybrooke recently lost 6 weeks of memories.

King Arthur and David share a moment in the room of the Round Table.  It’s there that Arthur says what happened to Lancelot, and David explains that they’ve met him.

David and King Arthur go on a quest together to find the Crimson Crown.  When they come upon it, there’s a shoddy wood bridge over murky water to get to the toadstool.  It’s only going to hold one of them, so David goes forth.  He grabs the Crown, and heads back over the bridge.  But, phantom knights start to come from the water and attack.  David seems to be defeating them, but is tripped into the water.  King Arthur rescues him, but the toadstool is gone from the pouch David put it in.

Back in Storybrooke, a similar dilemma has happened.  A chest that should contain many magical relics was transported with the citizens of Camelot, but much of the relics are gone.  One of the items is a magic bean that could transport Camelotians back to their realm.  Arthur and David go in search for the items, and it turns out Arthur’s squire is the culprit.  They arrest the squire, but he tells them that no bean was amidst the relics.

While all this is going on, Hook wants to find out what is behind a door that Emma/Dark Swan/Dark One has locked up.  Robin Hood suggests just asking her, as she wants to still show that she loves Hook despite being the Dark One.  Hook goes to have lunch with Emma and asks her about the door.  She doesn’t answer straighforwardly, and not at all really.

Once-Upon-A-Time-Highlights-for-Season-5-Episode-3-Siege-Perilous-VIDEOA little intermission in the summary: Belle has been keeping watch over Rumplestiltskin, who is dying from being the Dark One.  There’s a way for him to wake and heal, but it has to be with an item that he touched before he was the Dark One.

Ok, back to Hook.

Hook points out to Emma that he still has a cutlass that was held up to Rumple’s neck before he was the Dark One.  You probably know where this is going now.  But, the bigger moment was Hook saying he doesn’t love Emma as long as she’s the Dark One, believing it to not be truly her.  Emma leaves Hook, also giving him his ship back.  Hook asks for Robin’s help to get into the locked door at Emma’s house.

Now there is much dirty work to be revealed.  But, one bright spot is that amidst the recovered relics is the Crimson Crown.  David takes it back to the rest of the heroes.  But, how did it get there?

First a flashback shows David becoming a knight of the Round Table, actually taking Lancelot’s spot as the most pure knight, sitting at the Siege Perilous.  As the ceremony takes place, Mary Margaret steps outside to comfort her son, baby Neal, who starts crying.  She sees a figure who does reveal himself.  It is Lancelot who was presumed dead.  He warns her that King Arthur is really a villain and to beware of his cunning.  A solitary moment with Arthur and Guinevere show that Arthur took the Crimson Crown from David without him knowing.  He puts it with the relics, while in Camelot, and that is how it appears in Storybrooke.

The end of the show has Rumplestiltskin recovering from Emma using the cutlass on him.  She wants to have him become the purest hero in order to obtain Excalibur from the stone.

Dun Dun Duuunn!


RoundTableFirst of all, a note on the music this season.  I’m enjoying the little differences in soundtrack from previous seasons.  Camelot themes have a distinctness that was needed to freshen up the music.  Also what’s being done with Dark Swan themes are terrific too.  Way to go music team!

The complex storyline between Camelot and Dark Swan is very entertaining.  I’m enjoying the twists and turns of the characters, and not knowing exactly what is happening.  The further depth of David’s character was a great plot for this episode.  Everyone keeps doing a great job in their characters.  I think even Hook and Robin Hood had some shining moments with the actor’s portrayals.  But, the quests for David have been done before, and it was a little formulaic to have him go through a peril to recover something…again.

Most of the big revelations happened at the end of the episode, which isn’t too bad.  But, it made the rest of the episode a little bland.  I am glad, though, that it seems like the Hook and Dark Swan relationship won’t be dragged out the whole season.  He’s pretty done with her right now.  A lot of what could be dragged out doesn’t seem to be going that direction.

King Arthur being a villain wasn’t too much of a surprise.  I had been suspecting it since the premier.  It will be interesting to see when he’s revealed to Storybrooke to be the villain.

Rumple now being made into a hero is intriguing as well.  All the switches in characters make it quite fun for a show that has been on for a while.  Will it all stay this way?  Probably not, but it’s nice to have this switch.

So, it being the third episode, it was still a good, fun one.  But, the advancements of plot are happening fast, and with probably close to 10 more episodes left for this story arc, will all of them be entertaining?  I have my doubts.  But, this was a great one to watch to find out all that is happening.  The main revelatory plot points didn’t feel out of place.  They needed to come about at this time.  And, there are still mysteries to be solved.

What is Dark Swan’s role in how they all got back to Storybrooke?  My suspicion is Arthur has more to do with this than Emma does.

Will Rumplestiltskin be a hero after all?

What is King Arthur really up to?

There are new questions that got raised in this episode, and perhaps more will come.  It keeps things moving, which is something the show always needs.  So, props to this episode and looking forward to the next ones!

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