‘The Muppets’ Producer Explains Reason for Kermit the Frog & Miss Piggy Breakup

During the first week of August, many of us could not believe our ears when we heard that Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy broke up. The famous couple of frog and pig were a classic icon. As to the concept of them breaking up, the producers had a few words to share.

According The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Bill Prady told the website, “One of the places it came from is Eric Jacobson [Piggy] and Steve Whitmire [Kermit] have done press with them for the past however many years and they always get asked about their relationship. Because there has been no ongoing place to tell that story, they’ve been caught in this, ‘Well, it’s complicated’ kind of place.”

So basically, during press for The Muppets movie itself, the idea for the breakup was brought to the attention. Not to break any of the magic.

Prady also added, “Just listening to it, I said it sounds like they broke up. They’re being really evasive. Then Bob Kushell said, ‘What if they’re broken up?’ and it seemed to make sense with what I saw when they were interviewed. It seemed like that couple that was putting up a public face but there was something going on.”

The story aspect of the breakup will be fully explained during the brand new season of The Muppets, this Fall on ABC. Apparently, viewers may even see the breakup fallout on the first episode.

As for how the Miss Piggy is feeling about the breakup? It seems as if she is already moving on. Just take a look at this post…

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?