First View of Disney Junior’s “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar”

Mentioned several months back here on DAPs Magic was that of a brand new animated series coming to Disney Channel and Disney Junior. This show would be a spin-off of The Lion King. The new show titled The Lion Guard, is set to air in 2016.

But as a precursor to the show itself, the film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, will debut on Disney Junior in November.

Disney Insider shared a brief clip of the new film.

The epic storytelling of Disney’s “The Lion King” continues with “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar,” a primetime television movie event premiering in November on Disney Channel. The movie follows Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala, as he assumes the role of leader of the Lion Guard, a team of animals tasked with preserving the Pride Lands. The movie is a precursor to “The Lion Guard” television series, premiering in early 2016 on Disney Channels and Disney Junior channels around the globe.

James Earl Jones and Ernie Sabella reprise their roles from “The Lion King” as Mufasa and Pumbaa, respectively, alongside Rob Lowe (“The Grinder”) as Simba and Gabrielle Union (“Being Mary Jane”) as Nala. Max Charles (“The Strain”) stars as Kion. The voice cast also includes Joshua Rush (“The Adventures of Puss in Boots”) as Kion’s best friend Bunga, a fearless honey badger; Atticus Shaffer (“The Middle”) as Ono, an intellectual egret; Diamond White (“Sofia the First”) as Fuli, a confident cheetah; and Dusan Brown (“Blaze and the Monster Machines”) as Beshte, a friendly and good-spirited hippo.

What are your thoughts on this newly animated television movie and series?

Also, if you are heading to the D23 Expo on Sunday, a panel at 2 p.m. is set to provide more information on The Lion Guard.