Disneyland 60th Countdown – The Surprise at the 56th

The countdown to the official 60th is still going, and today we look at surprises that can happen during the anniversaries of Disneyland.

It was the day where the park turned 56.  Not a very momentous occasion in the scheme of epic anniversaries, but Disneyland always marks its birthday with a celebration.  This time they had a great flash mob of characters come out to mark the occasion.  Also the dedication speech was played for all to enjoy Walt Disney describe what Disneyland stands for.

Now, the surprise stands for both the flash mob, which was a treat to see so many characters spontaneously venture onto Town Square, but it also stands for something we at Daps found as we edited the video we took.  It was such a surprise we made a separate video just to point it out.  Enjoy the two below!