I’m a huge fan of Disney park music. Listening to soundtracks takes me to the respective rides that I enjoy. I can place exactly where I’m at when I’m listening to certain musical cues. It always makes a ride better than without it.

But, what if attractions had a different soundtrack? What effect would it have on the ride? Would it be whimsical instead of scary? Would it be scary instead of fun?

I decided to pit some ride throughs against a different soundtrack (and one in this post that doesn’t have a soundtrack to start with). What do you think? Does it change the ride for you at all?

Here are two to start the weirdness:

Haunted Mansion with some new and old Main Street USA area music. And there’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with the California Screamin’ music. I know Big Thunder doesn’t have a music soundtrack to begin with, so that one is entirely experimental, but fun! Let us know what you think about the rides this way!