Things have been moving along pretty quickly for Amanda Jane Designs since we last checked in on her.  This last week we chatted with her and got some awesome updates to what’s been going on in her shop! 


A couple of updates since my last interview!

I created a new Cinderella necklace after the new movie was released, and it has been so popular! It has the phrase “have courage & be kind”, and is paired with a slipper charm and a super pretty set of beads. I like this one because it’s a little more on the simple side, but it has a great message. I still of course have the original Cinderella design, but it’s fun to have multiple options for one character or movie.



I’ve also started doing bangle bracelets, which I’m personally loving! I have two different sizes, a thicker band and a skinny band, and they are available in three colors. I only have a few phrases up on my site right now, but I plan on coming out with more. These are on the lower price point of the shop, so they’re perfect if you’re on a budget!

I’m also trying to step up my social media game! I think I’m finally getting around to mastering Facebook and Instagram, but Twitter and Tumblr are new worlds to me and I will hopefully know how to use those in the near future. Also – I’ve been pinning all of my items on my personal Pinterest since my shop opened, and I recently found out that my original post of my “Part of Your World” necklace has over 5,000 pins! I couldn’t believe it! That’s when I really realized the power of social media, and I plan on taking more advantage of that.

Other than that, everything else is the same! Always busy with orders, and happy to have them!

Thanks for checking in on me!


Thank You Amanda!!

You can find Amanda here:




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