Olivia Wilde & Garrett Hedlund Returning for ‘Tron 3’

Announced on Tuesday by Entertainment Weekly, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund will return for the third Tron film. With many rumors flying around, the website also confirms that Joseph Kosinski will direct.


As to what the film’s title will be, the leading speculation is that of TRON: Ascension. But, as a side note, there are other names flying around for the third installment such as TRON: Redemption or TRON: Rise of the Isomorphics. 

There is no word yet of when the film will be released into theaters but production will begin later this year. Production will take place in Vancouver. Entertainment Weekly predicts the film to be complete sometime in 2017/2018.

Do you have any expectations for the third Tron film?

Stay tuned to DAPs Magic for future updates on this project.


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