The DAPsies! - Geeks Corner - Episode 420

The DAPsies! – Geeks Corner – Episode 420

Welcome to The DAPsies! – The only awards show that really matters. This year, the geeks are joined for the first time by co-host Hayley the Hatter for this prestigious event.

There are five categories with five winners each. The categories are:

  1. Movies
  2. People
  3. YouTube
  4. Geekdom
  5. The Gorner

Winning a DAPsie is the highest honor that Geeks Corner can bestow. Winners are chosen by the production team of Geeks Corner. This year, a few acceptance speeches were allowed in (a first for The DAPsies!). The result was, well you can decide what the result was.

If you would like to submit nominations for next year’s DAPsies, please tweet at @daps_magic with the hashtag #geekscorner #dapsienom

Let’s go to the corner!