Star-Lord Makes a Visit to 'Christopher's Haven' Following Twitterbowl Wager

Even though the hype of the Super Bowl is over, there is still much a buzz of the Twitterbowl challenge battle between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. During this friendly rivalry, the guys made a wager in regards to their teams winning the Super Bowl. As it turned out, the winners of the game were the New England Patriots, meaning Chris Pratt lost bragging rights for his team, the Seattle Seahawks.

In good spirits, the two kept true to their wager and on Friday, Chris Pratt showed up to Christopher’s Haven in Boston dressed as Marvel’s Star-Lord. He met with many of the children and families. Also in attendance was Chris Evans to cheer on his buddy.

According to a press release from Seattle Children’s Hospital, the two heroes did more than make a public appearance. All together, they raised over $27,000 for charity. $15,000 has been donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital and $12,000 to Christopher’s Haven. The donations are still continuing to roll in.

Even though Chris Evans won the wager, he will still visit Seattle Children’s Hospital as Marvel’s Captain America.

Chris Pratt shared photos of Star-Lord’s visit to Christopher’s Haven on his Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Doesn’t it just make your heart melt?

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