New Exhibit to Open at "The Disney Gallery" at Disneyland Park

The Disney Gallery on Main Street at Disneyland Park will soon have a new art exhibit.  According to Disney Parks BlogsSnow Queens – Art of Ice! will feature the likes of The Enchanted Snow Palace and “Frozen.” Here guests will get a chance to view artwork inspired from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. 

Dating back to 1844, Hans Christian Andersen published the adventurous story of The Snow Queen.  Here a young queen discovered her true magical powers with ice. Many years later, this story inspired to what we all know today as “Frozen.” With much thought put in place behind this project, Walt Disney Studios created many art concepts and sketches throughout the years. With these stunning pieces in mind, they each tell a story of their own.

Also, in 1977 Disney Imagineer, Marc Davis, created the concept of The Enchanted Snow Palace. This idea would be a new attraction that was filled with snowmen, fairies, ice princesses and more.  Artwork from this project gave shape to a powerful glistening snow queen.

What do you think of this new exhibit theme?