Plot Expands for Pixar's "Finding Dory"

With Pixar’s Finding Dory to be released in theaters on June 17, 2016, what exactly can audiences expect from this sequel? According to Pixar Times, we now know a little bit more on this upcoming film. Here are some of the exciting things to look forward to.

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According to the article, during the Comic Con Experience in Brazil over the week, Pixar’s President John Morris gave some insight of the new film. Though not much was said at the convention, these few details will have wishing the film would coming out sooner. And with no spoilers ahead, we are all safe from knowing too much.

Mentioned a while back, Pixar gave a brief description that in Finding Dory, the character of Dory would discover her background, including the whereabouts of her mother and father. Her friends from Finding Nemo, Marlin and Nemo, would also be there helping her along the way.

“The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, a huge complex of sea life rehabilitation and aquarium, where Dory was born and raised,” Morris said. “We will get to meet new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, among others.” With a location of Dory’s home given, it is then noted that she was then released into the ocean. The reason is unknown.

With this information, many questions come to mind. Why was Dory released? What happened to her parents? Will other characters from the original film come to help too? All we can do is wait for the theater release on June 17, 2016.

Knowing this information, what do you think we can expect?

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