What They Become: Agents of SHIELD S2E10 Review

skye_dadTonight’s episode of Agents was a doozy!  Be warned that there are spoilers ahead

What They Become – Synopsis

The episode begins immediately where the previous left off.  The Bus is in danger of being blown out of the sky.  Skye is taken by Ward.  The rest of the teams are preparing for Hydra’s entering the Kree temple.  May saves the day for the plane by faking their blowing up through cloud cover and a cloaking, not to mention the crazy dive into the clouds.  Mockingbird – Agent Morse – and Hunter are reunited on the plane later, and Morse seems to be trying to hide a thumb drive she finds in Mack’s garage.  But, Hunter notices and calls her on it, with not much explanation from her.

Over in the Hydra base, Skye and her dad have a reunion thanks to Ward.  Her reaction is what we predicted, not what he predicted.  He eventually tells her that she is where she needs to be, and will fulfill a destiny.  Meanwhile, Diego contacts Morse again, and she and Hunter go to rendezvous with him.  He sends a secret signal to her because of his having to fake being with Hydra.  In all, Diego is a very mysterious character.  But, this brings everyone to the San Juan location, some to look for Skye, others to stop Hydra from getting into the temple.  The solution for the latter is to place not high tech bombs to collapse the underground building.  There will be a problem with that later.

Back with Hydra and their guests, we find out Skye really can pick up the obelisk and is one of the “chosen.”  She uses it to try to escape, but she, Ward and her dad are all fully captured.  Ward also is “found out” to Whitehall to be in love with Skye and has that plan to still be with her.  It’s also revealed that the temple will give a “gift” to Skye as it did her mother.

The team of Trip, Fitz, and Simmons plant the bombs throughout the temple, while Coulson and May storm the Hydra building.  Skye’s dad helps break him, Skye and Ward free and goes after Whitehall, who killed his wife.  Whitehall is about to shoot Skye’s dad, but Coulson shoots Whitehall.  Whitehall is dead, and Skye’s dad is furious.  The two get into a nasty fist fight, and Skye stops him.  Before she gets there, she shoots Ward as well, who tried to get her free.  Poor in love Ward.  Skye makes her father get away from them, and it’s revealed her name was originally Daisy.  Agent 33 helps Ward escape, while Skye vows to make things right by grabbing the obelisk.

But, Raina has the obelisk and goes down into the temple.  Skye goes in after her, followed by Coulson.  Trip voluntarily goes down to stop the charges from going off while they’re all down there.  We find out that Mack is still transformed, and helps Raina get to the spot where the obelisk goes.  Trip gets the last charge then tries to rescue Skye as the room begins to close.  The three are stuck, and Coulson is on the outside.  Mack tries attacking Coulson, but our favorite new director of SHIELD evades the attack.  The obelisk automatically sets into place and a mist blasts everyone in the room.  Skye and Raina are encased in a cocoon like shell, while Trip is hit with some obelisk shards that have the same effect as others before.  Trip is dead now, and it seems unknown what happened to Skye and Raina.  But, suddenly, they break out and emerge, and the temple begins to crumble.

At the very end of the episode we see a man with no eyes grab a glowing obelisk from his desk.  Talking on his phone he says there is someone new and he will alert the others.  The end.  For now.


Terrigen Mist cocoon in the comics
Terrigen Mist cocoon in the comics

This was a jam packed episode that kept me on my toes until the end!  There were some great moments with a lot of the characters.  I loved the Koenig agents and all the jokes they can keep bringing in.  Agent May showed her bad self again with the crazy stunt flying that she pulled off.  Also, a big nod to Ming Na for pulling off Agent 33 again.  The one major problem I had with the episode is how all of it happened so fast.  For example, Whitehall’s death was a great comeuppance, but it happened so fast it was hard to really feel that.  Also, there are so many details for a cliffhanger that it seems like we will have to keep track of so many plot points over the break.

Still, it’s exciting to see the temple’s reveal and Skye and Raina fulfilling their destiny.  Throughout the episode, and season, it has seemed like a really terrible thing.  I have my doubts on that.  In fact, I have some theories:

The cocoon and mist catalyst was familiar to me from a recent Marvel Comics storyline called Inhumanity.  It’s revealed that there are certain descendants of humans that can be transformed by a mist and, after emerging, will be special with gifts.  Starting to sound familiar?  The people would be cocooned only to emerge in a very short time with powers, or even complete transformation to beast like creatures.

So, my thought?  Skye and Raina are Inhumans.  Well, the Marvel cinematic universe of Inhumans.  She’s not become a beast-like thing, or like the no eyes guy, so it’s safe to say she has powers.  Raina the same.

What could her powers be?  Well, it seems to be that she is the agent from Marvel Comics known as Quake.  Quake is also the daughter of Mr. Hyde, a somewhat used super villain from Marvel Comics.  Both have been said to be revealed by Joss Whedon himself in the after episode discussion on Marvel.com.  Furthermore, the temple seeming to come down in a strange quake would show that it could be a result of her new powers.  And, it can’t be coincidence that she has some kind of super heroic pose after she emerges from the cocoon.

My other thought for what will go down next year: Ward will have his own team to combat everyone.  The first on his team: Agent 33.  Ward is rogue from Hydra and SHIELD, but probably still bad.

Now it’s all safe to say that Agents of SHIELD will be influencing movies in the future. I think Inhumans have been revealed and we know there is a movie due in a couple years. The first place for it all was this episode.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the break to see what happens.  In the meantime, we get Agent Carter to watch!

And, let me know your thoughts too!  I could be way off with my comic based theories, but let me know your theories!

Until next time, have a Marvel-ous day!


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