2014 Disney Stories Countdown #1 – 10 Years of DAPs Magic

Yes, I know this isn’t really a Disney story, but DAPs has covered Disney for 10 years.  In its beginnings it was known as DAPs for Disney Magic, and has become the DAPsMagic.com we all know now.  This year saw the team expand, and even venture into some new territories.  One new feature has been an ongoing podcast.  Another has been great guest stars on Geeks Corner.

April was the official anniversary of DAPs, and we continue to grow and strive for excellent reporting and reviews.  I think I can say for all of us that we enjoy bringing the latest on Disney shows, movies, attractions, parks, and more!  And, here’s to another 10 years and more for the site!

Enjoy some thoughts and features within this last year on DAPsMagic.com

Mr. Daps’ thoughts on 10 years of the site


Amanda reports Fantasy in the Sky’s return

Star Wars Rebels with Danie

Annie looks at Amanda Jane Designs

Geek Mom reviews Once Upon A Time

Hello McFly looks at Doctor Who

DC Sarah’s take on the classic short The Old Mill

Wizard Victor’s Disney Film Spot


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