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What started out as a fun way to dress on a Disney vacation has blown up into a whole Disney fashion movement both in the parks and in real life.   Have you ever been in a Disney park and seen someone dressed inspired by a character? That’s the very definition of Disneybounding.  Creating inspired fashion based off a favorite Disney film, character, attraction, or even some Castmember Costumes! (Magical Map Disneybound, anyone??)

On a recent trip to the Disneyland Resort, a few friends and I decided to give this Disneybounding thing a go.  We decided as a group what we should do (Toy Story), then tried to figure out our “ensembles” and multiple trips to Walmart later, we had our pieces ready to be “Disney-fied”!  Now, keep in mind, Disneybounding does not mean getting costumes for your character or theme; it’s Inspired by!  Taking regular clothing items and putting them together to achieve your look.  For some more obscure characters, the clothing might need a little tweaking.  In this instance, all it took was a couple sharpies!


Yellow shirt + red sharpie = Woody!

Lime Green sunglasses = Instant Buzz!

White & Red ribbon + black sharpie = Jessie!

*To complete my “Jessie” Disneybound, I ended up spray painting a cow print onto a pair of white tights.  (it worked but it was messy).  Everything else came out of my own closet.

Our Toy Story group!


Two of us went pretty close to the character and the other two decided to be more subtle.  Either way, it was super fun walking around the park and being pointed out as Toy Story characters!

Another fun aspect of Disneybounding is going around the resort and taking pictures as the character.  For instance, if you had dressed as Snow White, head on over to the wishing well and strike a pose! Dressed as the big Cheese himself?  Go over to Toontown and do a photoshoot in his house!  Even better if you can find the characters you’re wearing and get pictures WITH them!

Here are some fun ones we took as the Toys:



IMG_4824woody and Jessie


To recap,

The Steps of Disneybounding:

#1 Decide who/what your inspiration is

#2 Look at pictures of said inspiration and find color combinations or patterns or whatever else that speaks to you.  Look online for examples if you need ideas.

#3 Dig through your wardrobe and find pieces that might work.  Or head to the store to pic up simple items you can wear again.

#4 Alter if need be.

#5 Rock your Disneybound at the Parks and have a great time!! Take TONS of pictures!


Hayley the Hatter was on an episode of Geeks Corner and talked about Disneybounding.  If you haven’t checked out her cute Little Mermaid inspired Disneybound, you should go watch!

Whatever  you decide to be inspired by, show off your love of Disney by trying a Disneybound on  your next visit.   There are many resources online now for ideas on how to pick your outfits for characters or themes.  (Pinterest is FULL of them!) It can be as simple as finding a character T-shirt or going all out and designing a whole look. Either way, have fun with it! Guests in the park adore it and so do the characters themselves.


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