What is Legends of Frontierland Like To Experience?

FRONTIERLAND 5Frontierland is booming with miners entering into the sleepy town. At least, that’s the story that is being produced through Legends of Frontierland. Today was opening day for the interactive story. Guests were encouraged to pick a side in the conflict – either a Frontierland citizen or Rainbow Ridger. Nametags are given with a very western name. Frontierlanders start at the Trading Post, where guests can also stake a claim. Rainbow Ridgers start at the Hideout, which is by Big Thunder Mountain.

Non-guest Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge citizens mosey around and interact with everyone. Areas to pick up jobs, get information, and other ways of getting bits, the currency of Frontierland, include Golden Horseshoe, the Telegraph Office, and Sherrif’s Office and Jail. Maps are handed out that highlight each station.

Many of the jobs include telegraphs with messages to deliver, getting information to and from others, High Card game playing, and drawing posters. When jobs are completed, bits are given. 1000 bits claims a stake of Frontierland.

The whole land was bustling with people exploring and trying to help their respective sides. All the citizens of Frontierland and Rainbow Ridge were helpful in getting more bits. A lot of the time, though, instruction was given in the way of the story itself. Information and help cost bits. There’s a lot of exchange in this interactive experience.

The interactive game experience, whatever to call it, was fun! I wasn’t able to stake a claim…yet. But, I could find myself spending a whole day letting the story unfold. Having the interaction made Frontierland come alive for guests. You wanted to help each other or try to figure out who is not on your side. I could see there being some big events within the day for this.

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For Passholders, this will be a popular thing to do in the parks. For vacationing guests, it’s something for kids to get involved and have a very positive experience with Frontierland. I’m looking forward to going back again and helping the citizens of Frontierland keep things peaceful and quiet for the sleepy town.


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