The Power of the Fountains – A Look Behind the Magic of World of Color – Winter Dreams

On November 14, 2013 I had the opportunity to visit Disney California Adventure for the premiere of World of Color – Winter Dreams. The show is beautiful and has a classic Christmas feel about it. The choir at the beginning is simply stunning and the effects throughout were, to be cliche, magical. Steve Davison and his team did an absolutely fantastic job creating what is sure to be a holiday classic. One member of the team for World of Color – Winter Dreams is an imagineer named Jason Badger. His role is to choreograph the lights and fountains the accompany the show. This is no small feat.

Badger began work on World of Color – Winter Dreams this summer and continued work right up until 12 hours before the premiere. It is a highly complex and technical job that includes literally thousands of options. Each option requires a creative decision to create the show that guests will be experiencing. For the World of Color – Winter Dreams premiere, Badger was on hand with a simplified version of what he does… all on an iPad. An iPad that I was able to use to control the incredible fountains and lights that add a lot of color and build the world around the projects of this show.

Take a look at my interview with Jason Badger:

From controlling a spotlight to now controlling all the lights and fountains of World of Color – Winter Dreams, Jason Badger truly has been able to live his Disney dream as he makes magic for millions to enjoy. World of Color – Winter Dreams is destined to be a holiday favorite at the Disneyland Resort. The next time you go and check it out, take a second to think about what a massive feat it is to choreograph all the lights and water that surround the amazing projections and music… I know I will!

Here is an overview look at the World of Color – Winter Dreams premiere with the song GLOW, by Eric Whitacre:


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