Happy 85th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

Today marks a very special occasion. It’s my birthday. Okay, so that’s not such a special occasion to post an article about. The even more special thing is that it’s Mickey Mouse’s birthday.

How is it his birthday? Well, 85 years ago the first sound cartoon premiered on November 18. This cartoon starred a certain mouse that has changed the face of entertainment forever. The mouse’s name is Minnie. Wait, it’s her birthday too? Yes, it is.
Of course the mouse that I’m really talking about who has given birth to a spectacular media company is none other than Mickey Mouse.

Over the years, his looked has changed, but his personality has been the same. It’s been his character and key features, such as the ears, that have made him an icon. His birthday celebrations have spanned from TV specials to whole lands being built. For the 50th birthday, Mike Jittlov created a stop motion animation just for the occasion. For the 60th birthday, a television special aired and Mickey’s Birthdayland was built at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This land became Mickey’s Starland once the 60th had long since passed, and eventually became Mickey’s Toontown Fair. It’s now gone to make way for the Fantasyland expansion, but the tents that housed the main show are staying for the Dumbo’s circus portion. The 75th birthday had less fanfare, and mostly merchandising comprised it. Unfortunately his 80th barely left a mark. But, the mouse is still one of the biggest icons in the world.
Mickey is not my favorite Disney character. I know, ironic since I share a birthday with him. But, what I can’t deny is his appeal. He may not be my favorite, but he is in the top of the list! And I think his appeal puts him at, dare I say, the top of everyone’s list. He’s the first cartoon to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He’s been on watches, in comics, video games, tv shows, movies…you name the media, he’s made an appearance. He brings a smile to kids and kids at heart. I’ve traveled to a few places in the world and he appears in every country I’ve been to. I’ve seen pictures of orphanages built by volunteers and one of the first things painted is an image of the popular rodent.

It’s been 85 years and he is still as popular as ever. So, here’s to the mouse that started it all, and may there be many more years of popularity! To quote one of the birthday themes, “The whole world wants to wish you happy birthday, Mickey Mouse!”

And, until next time, have a marvelous day!


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