Iron Man 3 Now Available on HD Digital 3D and HD Digital!

Iron Man 3 is now available on HD Digital 3D and HD Digital formats for download to your computer or other video playing device. In anticipation of it becoming available on 3D Blu-ray Super Set and Blu-ray Combo Pack, a few bonus features have been released to be enjoyed.

The first bonus feature that has been shared is called Gag Reel #3 and finds Robert Downey Jr. slipping and cracking up during the filming of Iron Man 3. The second bonus features has Ben Kingsley playing with accents from around the globe.

Bonus Clip: Gag Reel #3

Bonus Clip: Trevor’s Accent

Which clip is your favorite?

Iron Man 3 will be available for purchase on 3D Blu-ray Super Set and Blu-ray Combo Pack on September 24, 2013.

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