Star Trek Into Darkness Clip – Run

Another Star Trek Into Darkness Clip has been released. As most of them have been, it is pretty fast paced and easy to miss some of the details so… take a good look at it.

Star Trek Into Darkness Clip – Run

So what do you think?

I personally enjoyed this one as I have enjoyed most of these… there was one thing that jumped out at me however and it IS a spoiler perhaps so… I’m going to throw a picture in right here and continue my commentary below in case you don’t want to read a minor spoiler. Before I get to that though, let’s talk about the setup of this trailer. Kirk is in a bar and Admiral Pike shows up to tell him to “suit up” for an emergency meeting regarding what happened in London. This meeting is led by Admiral Marcus, who I am really curious to see exactly what role he plays in this movie. Then we move to some familiar and new scenes with Klingons. Personally, I liked these clips better than some others. Then, big fight scene with lots of running…. which is where this clip most likely received it’s name. Ok, stop here if you don’t want a minor spoiler. I personally was not upset about this one but… I’m throwing it out there as a courtesy for anyone who wants NO spoilers.




Alright, since you have scrolled below the photo I will talk about my observation. In this clip Spock says “You betrayed us.” John Harrison responds (or it is edited to sound like he responds to this), “You were sent to be sacrificed.” This is during, what looks to be, a pretty awesome fight between Mr. Spock and Mr. Harrison.  So the questions that now have arisen… who sent them to be sacrificed? Why would they be sacrificed? If this isn’t true, what is Harrison talking about?

I personally am SUPER excited to see Benedict Cumberbatch next week in this movie. The more things I see Cumberbatch perform in, the more I’m blown away by his screen presence and talent. What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear what you think!

Make it a GREAT day!