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David Lowery, and his writing partner Toby Halbrooks, will be writing a new approach to the story of Pete’s Dragon. Lowery, fresh off of a successful appearance at Sundance with Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, will be recreating this story about a young orphan who runs away from an abusive adoptive family with the help of his dragon. According to Deadline, this new imagining of Pete’s Dragon will not be a musical. Jim Whitaker will producing the new Pete’s Dragon with Disney.

The original Pete’s Dragon starred Sean Marshall as Pete and had a cast that included Mickey Rooney, Red Buttons, Shelley Winters, Helen Reddy and Jim Dale. It combined live action with a traditionally animated dragon in an attempt to recreate the success that was had with this technique in Mary Poppins. Although it was not nearly as successful, it did gather two Academy Award nominations, for best original song score and best original song.

It is currently unknown what the release date for the new Pete’s Dragon as it is still very early in the development process and nothing is certain at this point.