Easter Bunny Joined by Rabbits & Friends for Bunny Hop

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Disneyland_Spring_Fling_March_27_2013-43Spring Fling is in full force at the Disneyland Resort. During this Limited Time Magic, there are quite a few things going on to celebrate spring and Easter. There are eggs to be found in Disney California Adventure (along with a certain grumpy old man who happens to be wearing Easter Bunny ears and hangs with Wilderness Explorers). The Easter Bunny to be met in Town Square along Mickey and Minnie who are dressed their best.

The highlight of the day for many though is getting to do the Bunny Hop. The Bunny Hop is happening twice a day (3:30 PM & 6:00 PM) in the Town Square and part of Main Street. To lead the Bunny Hop, the Easter Bunny is joined atop a float by the Dapper Dans, Mickey, and Minnie. He is also joined by some of the most famous rabbits in the world accompanied by Gibson Girls. These rabbits are: Roger Rabbit, Br’er Rabbit, the White Rabbit, and Rabbit.


The float enters Town Square for both showings at the parade entrance by the Mad Hatter hat shop. It then turns left and proceeds clockwise around Town Square before it stops at the top of Town Square where it spills into Main Street, USA. The actual Bunny Hop happens on the lower part of Main Street (the half closest to Town Square). The four rabbits spread out down the street with their Gibson Girls. They are also joined by three of the four Dapper Dans. The fourth acts as the master of ceremonies for the Bunny Hop. Guests are then invited to join in the street to participate in the Bunny Hop.

Disneyland_Spring_Fling_March_27_2013-167The Bunny Hop itself lasts just a few minutes but offers a few minutes that are absolutely adorable. Once the Bunny Hop is over, the rabbits follow the float back out of Town Square where they came from.

Disneyland_Spring_Fling_March_27_2013-170The rabbits do not have a meet n’ greet opportunity so if a picture is desired, do it on the fly. Pictures can be taken with the Easter Bunny, Mickey, and Minnie (in their Spring Fling outfits) throughout the day in Town Square however. The best place to experience the Bunny Hop is from the South end of Main Street (South is closest to Town Square). The best place to photograph the rabbits is from anywhere else in Town Square where you can get a good shot of the parade (in front of the Firehouse is a good spot for example). Once the rabbits begin the Bunny Hop it is much more difficult to get a clear shot of them.

Spring Fling is a fun addition to the Disneyland Resort’s Limited Time Magic festivities. If possible, check out the various special activities that are going on and leave feedback. If not, enjoy the video below:

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More photos of Spring Fling and the Bunny Hop can be found here.

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    mrdaps I voted love it, but only because it is using Roger Rabbit

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    mrdaps Happy Easter!

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