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DAPs Magic Disney News – by Kathy 

Music Concert Ticket sales are selling out within 10-15 mins, in L.A., London, Paris, Dallas, New York & etc for non-American Music Stars!

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Songs from Mickey & the Gang to Princesses to Cars all singing to bring us happy joyful tunes. But what comes after that? We jump from kiddy songs into only 1 or 2 teen pop ideals, sadly they just stick around for a short period of time. So teen’s are lead into hard Punk-Rock and Rap. Is this what we want our child’s ears to hear? Is it really music? Has music changed for the better? Most musicians prior to the 1980’s actually that studied music are fading into elevator music, why? Is this a good thing? Yes, as they were darn good musicians that actually knew music!

So where are the clean cut kids, that actually cover up their bodies with nice clothing? Well, we found some, even wearing suits, and for the most part they are trained voices that have studied since they were young. Well, these and many groups are out there and they are a sell out in cities around the world, but American radio stations sadly aren’t picking them all up, so we must go one step above and seek them out ourselves. So, I’m here to help you find good music for your child’s ears.


It’s a known fact that classical music in a child’s education does wonders for their educational development for their future. Remember all those cartoons we grew up with, all were done with Classical Music.

psy and wife

One huge hint came to the USA with the popularity of Psy and his Gangnam Style song, you might be surprised but Psy has been around for many years, married  to Yoo Hye Yeon with twin toddlers. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” explosion passing 1 billion YouTube views. Says YouTube trends manager Kevin Allocca, “The velocity and the numbers it has is unlike anything we’ve seen before on the platform.”

psy video pic

Psy even wrote the official Cheer Song for Team Korea  for this past Olympics in London.  Here’s the Video with English subs:

Psy has also served in the Korean Army twice.

th cb

Not only in Korea, but Japan, China, Germany & other European counties like “Tokio Hotel” who started at the age of 10, from Germany who sang and spoke in English and German and there is “Cinema Bazarre” from Germany who sing & speak also in English. They tend to be on the punk rock style, but they are a clean group.


The Boy Bands ARE Back  with a new generation has swept the nations “The Wanted” The Wanted are an English-Irish boy band, formed in 2009 who made their debut release in July 2010, are currently signed to Island Records and in the US Mercury Records. “One Direction” sold nearly 2.5 million albums this year. One Direction are another English-Irish pop boy band based in London. They signed with Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records.


In fact some girls thing “One Direction” look like Disney Prince’s!

Top row: Louis Tomlinson, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Second row: Zayn Malik, Aladdin from Aladdin, Liam Payne, Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Last row: Harry Styles, Flynn from Tangled, Niall Horan, John Smith from Pocahontas


“Tryo”: Popular French Band. One can never say French bands are “stuck” on a certain sound. They run the gamut from Punk, to gypsy jazz, to Pop/Rock, and everything in between. Here’s the title track from their 5th studio album, Ladilafe:


“Superbus” is a mainstream power pop band that’s very popular in France. Lead singer Jennifer Ayache fronts her band with the same girly spunk that a young Gwen Stefani brought to No Doubt. You’ll find songs and choruses in English sprinkled throughout their albums, and on this hit, “All Alone.”

daesung cats with bigbang

Some of our favorite Groups are: “BigBang” from Korea (my fav singer is ≈, who also has sung in the Broadway hit “Cats.”)

BigBang is the number one group in Asia. Look for Daegung’s Solo album coming out this March!

cn blue

“CN Blue” from Korea who lead singer is also an actor.

2 2 u kiss

“U-Kiss”, “2A.M.”  & “2P.M.” are is also a fun group from Korea. They are talented groups, and are called “One Day” when they perform together.  “Infinite” another boy group from Korea. You might be surprised that Jay Park, former leader of Korean boy band 2PM, was born in Seattle, Washington. Also Kevin Woo, of U-KISS was born and raised in Danville, California, with Eli born in Washington DC. as was AJ.  Alexander and his sister went to college in Ca.

3rd wave min

3rd Wave Ministry’s is your Christian Rock Group with Pastor Johnny(PJ), Brain Joo and Alexander, although from Korea they sing in English. Brain Joo was born in Maryland.


Remember John Andrew Park. He was a semifinalist on the ninth season of American Idol; placing twentieth. He is currently signed to Music Farm Entertainment. Born in Chicago.

wonder girls

“Wonder Girls” put on an awesome show, tickets sell out with in minutes in the USA.


“JYJ” originally from “TVXQ” who are now acting in shows, movies and Broadway style shows. The group released their English-language global debut album under Warner Music Asia, The Beginning, on October 12, with the Kanye West-produced single “Ayyy Girl” as lead track. Two weeks before the release of the album, 500,000 copies of The Beginning had been pre-ordered. Micky Yoochun/Yuchin (far right) lived in Fairfax, Va. just outside of Washington DC for 6-10 years during his teen years. Micky also has been found acting in many Korean Drama’s.


Here is a great video, called “Balloons”:

(and these are older teens in the audience, not younger children).  But it goes beyond just the teen groups, they are out there!

duty free

One of our fav video feature’s Kim Hyun Joong + JYJ + 2am + 2pm + BigBang + Hyun Bin…etc in one Video for a Duty-Free-Store commercial that steps you into a beautiful set designs of:  Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Peter Pan – Pirates, Aladdin, The Little Prince style, in English: “So I’m Loving You”

As Music is a Universal Language, so are the Entertainers that travel the world to Perform for you. There are so many more GOOD performers from all over the world. Support your child with good music, that we grew up on from The Walt Disney Company.

There are many world wide music groups that our children can watch and learn to love that are fabulous. A good place to start is YouTube.


S.M.Entertainment does travel to the USA and Canada for auditions. For more information go to:

If your child is interested in Vocal, Acting, Musician training, find the best that starts with the basics, just not someone down the street, research the details, this is very important.  As in the instrument you chose! Every instrument does NOT have the same sound, you need the best for your child.

Here are a few that I can personally recommend:


Potter Violins in Washington DC, String instruments:


World Wide Gibson Guitars:


Joni Walker Baczewski Violin, Viola, Cello of The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra


Acting: Cathryn Hartt in Dallas, with Holly (studio mascot) & Morgan Fairchild (sister)  A number of her students can be seen on the Disney Channel.


Vocal: Calvin Remsberg in L.A. some of his students are Grammy Winners


Vocal: Steve Swanson in Ohio


Vocal: Greg Tomao in South Korea


We hope you enjoy your musical lifestyle in the future!

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